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Fast ForWord Provided 100% Online With Weekly Reports, and Support As Needed via Email,Zoom & Phone

Dr. Robin at the Brighter Brain has always provided the Fast ForWord family of Reading and Language programs for families to use in their homes. Typically, for students who live in the SF Bay Area, Dr. Robin meets the student in person to meet the student and their family, discuss and demo the program, get student "buy-in" from the prospective student and then teach the student how to access Fast ForWord via the company website and how to use each module of their specialized program.

Meeting in person is always nice, but it is not necessary to get 100% benefit from the program. Now, during the Covid-19 Shelter in Place, all services are provided remotely. With great tools such as Zoom, students can still meet Dr. Bird "face-to-face" and screen sharing allows all necessary guidance and teaching to be done remotely.

Another change the Brighter Brain has made to accommodate Covid-19 is to reduce the minimum commitment time to only 2 months instead of 4 months if a student is using the "ideal" 90 minutes per day (can be broken up into several sessions during the day if needed), 5 days per week protocol. The cost is the same regardless of the protocol chosen, but using the ideal 90 minute protocol, most students will be able to complete one full module and possibly start another one in the two month period. During the regular school year, students usually work for less time per day and only 3-5 days per week and it takes them about 4 months to get through one program.

Thanks to Covid-19 and schools being closed, now a student can make huge auditory processing, reading, language and attention related gains during the school year in a shortened period of time. To find out if Fast ForWord is right for you or your child and to get answers to any other questions you have, contact Dr. Robin at the Brighter Brain using the contact form on our site or by calling 925-359-9110.

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