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The Brighter Brain is a Licensed Provider for the Fast ForWord® Family of Programs.  




Using On-Line Games, Fast ForWord® simultaneously targets literacy & cognitive skills using the principles of neuroplasticity:

  • Phonics, phonological awareness and word analysis

  • Grammatical conventions and spelling

  • Language (following directions) and reading comprehension

  • Academic vocabulary and inference

  • Organizational and planning skills for writing

  • Memory, attention, processing and sequencing


We Offer Year-Round & Summer Programs

Whether you are a student or working adult, making the time to tackle language and reading struggles can be a challenge, but the flexibility of time and location for doing the exercises of the Fast ForWord Programs helps to ease that challenge. While 90 minutes per day is "ideal," the year-round program can be done for as little as 30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week and still be effective. Of course, the more training you do, the quicker you will see the results. 

Pay monthly or pre-pay 4-12 months and save money!

Summer Progam

Our Summer Programs are designed to make large gains in a small amount of time and to fit most anyone's schedule. Each student's program is tailored to meet the needs of that student and the program constantly adapts to ensure the student feels adequately challenged and makes progress. The "ideal" program is 5 days a week, 50-90 minutes per day for 4-8 weeks per program, depending upon how long it takes the learner to progress through a program. Sessions can be broken up into 20-30 minute sessions throughout the day if it is too much for the learner to sit and do all at one time. Total time per day can be as little as 30 minutes per day, 3 days per week if a student cannot do the longer, more intense protocol, but student will gains will be slower.
A learner can do their exercises anywhere that is convenient to them as long as they have Internet access on an iPad or Computer, they have headphones, and it is a fairly quiet environment (ex. at home, on vacation, in the car). If a student does not finish a program over the summer, it is possible to arrange for them to continue into the fall. Usually, however, for students, the time working on the program is reduced during the school year to accommodate homework and activities. 


Partial Scholarships & Discounts


General Scholarships & Discounts

The Brighter Brain offers partial scholarships and discounts for students and families who qualify and would like assistance. Partial scholarships & discounts are available for Multi-Student Sign-Ups, Foster Children, Adopted Children, Twins/Multiples, Low Income Families, Families with Special Circumstances, and others situations on a case by case basis.

*Hero Discount*  Teachers, Military and First Responders

Heroes and their immediate family members receive a 10%-15% Discount on Programs and Services.

Pre-Paid Discounts

Discounts are also provided for everyone for year-round programs that are pre-paid.

To find out more about the specific discounts and scholarships, complete the Contact Us form.

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