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(Parents you may need to read this for your child)

1) If you have not already watched this video about the program, please watch it.







2) Put on your headphones (make sure they are NOT noise cancelling and that meet the technical specifications for the programs), let everyone around you know you are going to start and for them to be quiet.

3) Click the Button Below to go to the Log-in Page.Choose The Brighter Brain, Livermore CA as your School. You can usually just just type

Brighter or Brighter Brain and it will pop up.

4) Click on the graphic for the program you have been assigned to start. You will see the icon for  one or more exercises for you to complete that day.

5) Do your best! Every click is important. If you just randomly click things, the system will think you don't know something and it will make you do even more exercises! To finish the program as quickly as possible, you must try your best every time. Listen to ALL the instructions carefully before you try to respond. 

The First Thing you will do as part of the program is to complete an assessment to find out what you know, how well you can read. what you are good at and what you need some help on. We don't want you to have to complete programs that you don't need, so DO YOUR BEST on the assessment. If you don't know something, just choose the best answer you think might be right. 

Trust me, some of the questions have non-sense words in them and are VERY weird, so just try your hardest. This will be the most "boring" part of the program. Once you are done and you are assigned a program, you will most be doing game-like exercises and not just answering a bunch of questions.

The assessment can take anywhere from 15-60 minutes or so depending up the age and grade of the student and how log it takes them to answer the questions. Please get a snack and go to the restroom before getting started so you can sit to complete the full assessment.

PARENTS & HELPERS--You ARE NOT allowed to read anything for your child/student, except for the directions at the top of the page. Do NOT read paragraphs, sentences, etc. This is a READING & LISTENING Assessment, so we need to know what the student is able to read and hear on their own. Parents & Helpers, you cannot answer the questions for the student or provide definitions. If they are struggling; just tell them to do their best. 

STUDENTS-Once you actually start your program, if you get something wrong or even a bunch of things wrong, that is okay! Don't worry or get stressed; just think, "wow, I must really need this program" and keep trying your best. Remember, if you could do all of these things, you would not be signed up for this program. By doing these brain exercises, your brain will get stronger and reading, language, listening, paying attention, school, and many other things will become easier. 

If you just don't understand what the program is asking you to do, please ask your support person at home to see if they can explain it to you. If that is not successful, you can call Dr. Robin at 925-359-9110 and she will try to help get you back on track. If you get her voicemail, leave her message letting her know who you are and the program you are having problems with and she will call you back as soon as she can. While waiting for her to return your call, exit the game you are having problems with and click on one of the other games you need to complete that day.

When your brain is ready to exercise, click the yellow Student Log-In Button Below.

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