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What does it feel like to have various types of learning disabilities?

So many people hear about disabilities, but do not really understand what it is really like for the person who has the disability. In this, oldie, but goodie, Dr. Richard LaVoie immerses a group of individuals in various simulations so they can get a better understanding of what students/people with various types of disabilities related to Anxiety, Auditory Processing, Anxiety, Dyslexia, Reading, Decoding, and more go through when they try to read, listen, and learn in school. It also demonstrates how frustration, anxiety, and tension can lead to people with disabilities wanting to give up so quickly.

Despite the age of this video, it is one of the best sources of understanding students and individuals with learning disabilities. Students with learning disabilities can finally understand that they are "smart," but their learning styles don't always fit the "norm" as to how they learn. Teachers can get a better understanding of the disabilities, how they can address them in the classroom, why pacing is important to be mindful of, and why "Fair" does not mean giving everyone the same thing, but rather giving every student gets what he/she needs.

Travel back in time and enjoy the '80's styles while learning some valuable information at the same time. It will be one of the best spent hours of your time trying to learn about and understand learning disabilities.

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