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Who is it for?
Ages 5+. Proven to work for learners with reading delays, dyslexia, speech/language issues, ADHD, ADD, Autism, Auditory Processing issues, and second language learners of English.


The Summer Reading Program is a 5 day a week, ideally 90 minutes per day, on-line program that the participants do on their own, at home or anywhere that is somewhat quiet and they have access to the internet on a computer or iPad that meets the basic technical specifications. Participants can do the 90 minutes of exercises all in one session or break it up into 20-30 minute chunks during the day. Every learner is different, so we would figure out what would work best for yours. For some learners, even 50 minutes a day is too much, so we adjust programs according to the learner's needs.


Our program does not directly work on writing skills, but it does work on the language and reading skills necessary to be a successful reader and those skills, because they are necessary to be a good writer, do have effects on the writing output a child has. If you are concerned with neatness of penmanship, this program does not affect that to my knowledge, unless they are writing sloppily because they are just rushing. This program helps kids to mentally slow down and take their time doing things.


When we first set-up the program, we do an initial online assessment and I use that in conjunction with the parent and student surveys to determine which program would be most appropriate to start the child in.


The Fast ForWord program includes 2 Language programs for Elementary Level Students and 2 Language/Literacy Programs for learners who are at least Middle or High School Aged. Once the Language programs are complete (if they need to start in the language program--some go right to Reading), they move on to a 5 level Reading Program. Once learners are progressing in the Reading Programs, there is a stand-alone program called Reading Assistant Plus that is designed to help students predominantly with reading fluency if they need it.


The Intensive Summer Program is designed so a student may complete at least one of the programs in 6-8 weeks. Some learners finish more quickly and can go on and start another program if they have at least 2 weeks left of their 8 week session. Other learners may need more time than 8 weeks to finish one program and if that is the case, we have an option, at our discretion if a learner has really been trying hard, to allow the learner to continue until the license runs out at no additional charge; that could mean up to about 4 months total access to complete the initial program. We would have to adjust the protocol to be shorter if the learner continues into the school year to accommodate school and outside activities.

The cost of the Summer Program is $1500. The program participant would do the program at least 90 minutes per day, 5 days per week and can complete more than one program if their progress allows them to do so in the 8 week period (the typical learner will take 6-8 weeks to complete one program if they are on the intensive schedule).


During the summer session, you will receive weekly reports by email and I will call you once a week to discuss your child's progress and to speak to your child to let them know how great they are doing and see if they have questions or concerns I can help them with. If your child is struggling with the exercises or with motivation, please call me so I can jump in to help. Usually I can get your child the help s/he needs over the phone, but occasionally, I may need to come over and sit with your child to figure out what is causing the problem.


We try to work as a team with parents to help their children progress as quickly as possible. The programs are designed to be fully contained, but if I think it is necessary, I have extra tools (for example, sticker charts, exercise checklists, flash cards, etc.) I can provide to help learning and motivation.


You will need a computer or iPAd that  meets the program technical requirements as well as a headset that meets the correct specifications as well. 

Visit the link below to verify specifications:


Once you purchase, you will be contacted within 48 hours to set up an appointment. For fastest service, call us to schedule your appointment at 925-359-9110.


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  • Below is a link to a site that will detail all the computer & iPad technical requirements for the program. Most of the kids I have worked with prefer an iPad or Touch Screen because they can respond quicker and do not have to worry about moving the mouse around quickly. The program, however, predates the existence of touch screens and I have had many children go through the program using a mouse and a computer, so if you do not have a touch screen, do not worry about it.



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