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Reading Assistant Plus K-12 Suite


This program is for people who have already mastered or have subtantially on their way to mastering  the content of the Language & Literacy based programs. 


To order this product, you must already be enrolled in a FFW program and have the appproval of your program support person.


There is not a separate mothly fee for the monitoring of this program if combined with another FFW program.


You will need a computer or iPAd that  meets the program technical requirements as well as a headset with microphone that meets the correct specifications as well. 

Visit the link below to verify specifications:


Reading Assistant Plus-Add On to Current FFW Program

  • There is a 3 day cancellation policy. If you cancel within the first 3 days of starting the program, you would return the headphones and get all of your money back, less a $100 consult fee (I come to your home initially to discuss the program with you and the learner and set it up on your computer or iPad and train the learner how to access and use the program. If I come to your home and you decide you don't want to move forward with the program, the $100 consult fee would be applicable).

  • You will be contacted within 48 business hours to schedule your initial meeting. For fatser service, call us to schedule your appointment at 925-359-9110.

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