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Get Language, Reading, Brain Injury & Accent Reduction Services Anywhere you Have Access to the Internet at Times Convenient to You!

On Line In Home instruction for individuals

 ages 5+ to treat - Auditory Processing Disorders (APD)- ADD - ADHD - Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

- Dyslexia

- Language Based Stroke Issues 

- Learning Problems

- Reading Problems

- Brain Injuries

-Accent Reduction

- and more.

In addition to providing Language & Reading Programs, Dr. Robin L. Watson-Bird, Ph.D., Founder of the The Brighter Brain,

provides  Education Consultation Services to Help People & Families Navigate & Understand Special Education Processes & Services, Deaf Education, Assessment Reports, Parent Rights and More. 


She is also available to attend IEP and 504 Meetings, do Family & Child Advocacy, perform Reading & Needs Assessments, have Brainstorm sessions, and other services to help our clients figure out and navigate their needs.

Personalized On-Line



Language Programs

Summer &


Reading & Language





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What Types of Issues Can We Help?

Struggling Readers

We help learners reading below grade level quickly catch up to their peers.

Learning Disabilities

We help people of all ages struggling with various types of learning disabilities (ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc.) to improve the language-based issues that are preventing focus, ability to take in and understand oral and written language, and rapid growth.


We help learners with dyslexia improve working memory, language foundations, and phonological processing abilities. Our program has: 

  • Exercises to improve phonological processing

  • Individualized work to build phonemic awareness, phonics, and targeted decoding

  • Sight word recognition, vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension

  • Guided oral reading support to build fluency 

English Language Learners

We help English language learners quickly improve their listening, speaking, and reading skills. Most reduce or eliminate their "accent" once completing the program.

Auditory Processing Disorders

We help learners with auditory processing disorders process sounds, language, and text more effectively.

Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger Syndrome

We help individuals on the Autism Spectrum develop critical language, processing, and reading skills. The Fast ForWord program is one of the fastest growing treatments for Asperger's and autism in North America today. Its adaptive technology allows students to progress at their own pace with the intensity required to rewire learning.

Hearing Loss/Deafness

Whether a person was born hard of hearing or acquired deafness, we can help them learn to process speech and language to the best of their ability. Our programs are compatible with most Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants. People with hearing loss or deafness who complete the program are able to interpret the speech sounds they are able to hear more effectively and usually transfer those skills to their spoken language abilities. 

Brain Injuries & Stroke

We help people struggling with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) and who have experienced strokes to build new pathways in their brain to improve language and reading abilities.

Executive Functions

Executive functions are higher level thinking and planning skills that are often delayed in people with processing deficits. FastFast ForWord® helps automate fundamental processing and memory skills, to free up capacity for higher level skill development. It also exercises the sequencing, working memory and processing skills integral to executive functioning.

Copyright 2018 Dr. Robin L Watson-Bird, Ph.D,

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